Andrew was born in Staten Island N.Y and placed into an orphanage in Manhattan where he was later adopted by a family in Yonkers N.Y. He was a successful fashion model before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in October 2001.

Andrew is an animal lover and supports conservation of endangered species and their habitats. He is an activist for peace by promoting diplomacy instead of war as he knows the tremendous burdens and costs of armed conflict far too well. Andrew's dream is to help increase funding for after school programs centered around the arts and to inspire as many kids as possible to be creative and ambitious. Andrew is passionate about combating poverty, hunger and homelessness in the United States, especially amongst veterans. 

You may have seen him on the cover of "Millennium" on the couch with "Fox and Friends", training celebrities on "Stars Earn Stripes" or in the booth with Sway, but you will always see him standing up for what he believes in and backing up his words with his actions. Check out the info below to see what Andrew has been up to and to find out what you can do to join in and make a difference!

Andrew McLaren in Miami July 24th, 2012. Photo by Jim Malucci ​​

Current Projects
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Andrew is volunteering his time and efforts and working closely with the Homeless Veterans Outreach Specialists of the City of Chattanooga to identify homeless veterans and get them the help that they need and deserve.
Andrew is an Associate Producer of "A Place of Absence" which is a documentary that follows an organization of brave Central American women, who yearly embark on an epic bus journey through Mexico in a desperate search for their sons and daughters that disappeared on the grim journey to the United States.